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Psychic Scammers

Posted by Real Spell Casting on December 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Psychic Scammers:

Look Into the Crystal Ball and See the Clear Signs of Psychic Scammers.

Psychics are there for us in our time of need. They provide us with answers to life’s questions and give us a sense of hope and fulfillment. However, the industry is also known for providing the biggest number of scammers in history. Psychic scammers have stolen hundreds and even millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. So make sure you avoid spending money on these fake con artists by following these helpful tips.

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed:

If you are looking for some guidance in life and want to reach out to a psychic, be sure to follow these tips to ensure that you are getting a genuine experience.

Do not give out too much information: Many scammers target you through information they receive on mailing lists. Always guard your information so that you don’t end up on one of these lists. Also, protect your information when you go in for a psychic reading. Don’t give out too much information as it is the psychic’s job to tell you the information you need. This will prevent fishing and ensure you are getting a genuine psychic reading.

Don’t let the psychic come to you: A real psychic will not need aggressive marketing techniques to receive clients. If you received an email with vague information about yourself and a note that a psychic has a message for you, it is usually just a tactic to steal your money.

Make sure your psychic has a face: Many people that are scammed never even meet the offender. Never send money for someone to create a talisman in your honor or do a virtual reading without getting all the information about the person behind the screen. Otherwise, you will never know what you will be getting.

Learn about typical scams:

Do your research regarding typical psychic and online scams so that you can easily spot a scam when you see one. The oldest trick in the book is when a psychic says there is a darkness surrounding you and that you need to come in to eliminate a curse. However, don’t be fooled – only a spell caster can curse you and to be able to remove a curse and a real psychic should not have to use a tactic like this just to get you to spend more money.

Don’t swear to secrecy:

If a psychic tells you that you must swear to secrecy, he or she is probably a scammer. You should never have to hide what you learned from a reading and a psychic should never ask you to keep secrets. This typically means that they have something to hide.

How to Take Action If You Had Been Scammed:

Psychics provide us with answers to things we care about most in life. This is why we are very vulnerable when we search for a reading and can be more susceptible to scams. If you had been a victim to a psychic hack, take a deep breath and follow these steps.

Ask for a refund. Although this sounds like a no-brainer, sometimes people simply think the scammer won’t listen to them. Many people though that have simply asked for a refund have gotten it.

Reach out to your bank. Talk to your bank to see if you can reject or stop the transaction from going through.

Contact the police. If neither step one or two worked, talk to your local authorities to see what they can do.

Tell your story. You should write a review on Yelp or any other influential review site to help others who may be in your shoes.

Remember that there are a lot of psychic scammers out there, and in order to beat them, you have to always stay one step ahead of the game.

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