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How to cast a magic spell

Posted by Kaitlin on December 21, 2014 at 12:30 AM

How to cast a magic spell ?

We have had many customers emailing us the same question how to cast a migch spell ? down below here I am going to be giving you some information on how to cast a magic spell.

Some people don't believe magic spells really works but if you want to get results from your magic spell casting you most believe in magic spell casting . If you are interested in dabbling in magic, realize that when you cast a spell, if you do it right, you’re invoking spirits from another realm. For the most part, casting a magic spell is communicating with the dead, which is forbidden by most religions. Magic is habit-forming, so you are likely to find it progressively more inviting—especially if it works for you.

1 - Decide why you want to cast a spell. If you are sure and know what you want  to see happen you are ready to begin, then you need to start with creating a belief system that supports benefiting from the occult. The main ingredient is your belief. If you don’t believe this spell will work, it won’t. If you do, it will—as long as you perform the spell correctly.

2 - Determine the exact result you are looking for in your life make sure to know clearly the kind of spell you want to cast. Make the spell very specific and very concrete, not general in any way. An example would be to attract a certain amount of money to come to you. Another example would be to make a business be successful, or a legal case turn in your favor. Attracting customers or a romantic interest can also be your goal. Write down your goal.

3 - Locate a local occult spell casting shop or find a spell casting shop online. Sometimes they will be listed as herbal shops, especially in the Latin community or try doing a search online under spell casting shops. You can go to most spell casting shops to buy books and supplies. Also there will usually be someone who can provide advice. Often you will be offered a reading, which can be expensive and probably not very productive in terms of performing a spell casting though you might be provided guidance on what kind of spell casting is right for you.

4 - Make the effort to acquire quality materials for whatever spell you decide to cast. Properly prepared materials are very important, including treated candles that have been prepared under the appropriate planetary, solar and lunar conditions and using the right herbs for the spell you want to cast.

5 - Prepare a special room in your house, yard, or woods, where you can leave candles burning safely while you are casting your spell, neither endanger your home. yard, or woods, nor attract attention.

6 - Once you choose the spell you want to cast you will use from one of the books, pay close attention to every detail, whether reading a particular psalm or an older spell casting book.


• You most use caution when casting any spells could make your situation worst or you may not see any results at all.

• Any spell casters knows you should never cast any spells on yourself because of the 3 folds rules.

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