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Hello everyone, I just wanted to write this to enforce everyone's belief in their individual spells... I am a true believer as I'm sure all of you are as well, cause if we weren't why would we be spending money on something we don't believe in or have any faith in... I'm also a TRUE believer in The Law of Attraction, meaning what ever you place out into the world comes back to you multiplied... So please put out POSITIVE ENERGY, because it only means that much more will come back to you... It has come to my attention that at lease one of the members on this site has been feeding negative energy out to other members, but I'm unsure if this member is even aware that they are doing so... They are assuming that certain members don't have faith, just because they are asking questions... I ask all you members to pay no attention to that members assumption, and please DON'T allow it to hurt your FAITH, we are all here because we all have FAITH and need some type of assistance in some area in our lives, and we are doing it as a community of BELIEVERS... Thank You for all who take the time out to read this... I LOVE to be a POSITIVE faucet for all...
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I do understand what you are saying and it is OK to ask some questions but if you email this WITCHES COVEN and most spell casting websites, they will tell you the same thing DON'T keep going around asking questions because if you do will weaken your faith.

Stop and think about it for a min if you truly believe you wouldn't be going around asking other members of this website if they got any RESULTS from their spell casting? and/or how long did it take for them to see results? you would just have FAITH that your spell casting is working.

What these WITCHES had emeailed me before, you most have full faith in us even if you haven't seen any RESULTS yet.

I don't ADREE that just because someone had paid for a spell casting that they have faith in this WITCHES COVEN spell casting, because I had heard many people say they paid for a spell casting but really don't TRUST the spell caster.

I had asked before why do you buy a spell if you are not going to TRUST the spell caster? most cases they will reply because I needed help really bad and don't no what else to do.

If people will take time to look around this website and read what these WITCHES wrote about having FAITH, in order for you to see full results you most have faith in their SPELL CASTINGS.

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