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Spell Works
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I got this information from a spell book.

1. Purification of self

It’s important for the practitioner to be in the right state of body and mind before performing a spell. Bathe, dress appropriately, and take some time to meditate or breathe deeply. You may also wish to make other preparations, such as anointing yourself with an appropriate oil.


2. Purification of space

Outdoor ritual spaces rarely have to be purified, but when working indoors this can be an important step. First, you should make sure you won’t be distracted. Close curtains, lock the door, take the phone off the hook, tell others in the house that you do not want to be disturbed, or anything else to ensure that you will not be interrupted. Then, clean your space physically. Tidy up and vacuum or sweep the floor (with a regular broom) if needed. You may wish to make these preparations as the first step in your ritual. Next, purify the space spiritually. You can use a besom (ritual broom), incense, salt water, a musical instrument, or anything else you find fitting. While you purify your space, visualize the negative or distracting energies being dispersed, swept away, or otherwise expelled.


3. Creating sacred space

This may consist of arranging an altar or ritual setup and casting a circle. You will need herbs and 4 candles.


4. Invocation

If you wish, you may call on the divine or or certain energies to watch over and bless your rite. Invocations usually consist of a spoken prayer or verse, but it may also include music, dance, gestures, and song.

5. casting spells

When casting spells first setup your circle lite 4 candles place each candles north, south, east, and west, put herbs on each candles and then chant words that you would like to see happen like wanting to get rich by wiing the lottery, keep chanting until your candles burn out.




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You had gotten some good information from a spell book but I had read on here as well as other spell casting websites that a spell caster should never cast any spells on them selfs to gain wealth or anyting else because of the 3 folds rules, any spell a spell caster cast for them will come back on the spell caster 3 times harder.

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Benjamin MILLER
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I am looking for some spells.

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