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Can someone you know who claims they are a which place a curse on you and ruin your chance of happiness? I'm just curious because I think that's what just happened to me. My mental ex roommate who I threw out cursed me and I'm worried that might affect me now
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I had been cursed by a spell caster before and I knew the spell caster who places this curse on me but to make sure I got a real gifted psychic to look into this for me.

The psychic told me who placed this curse on me without me telling them who I think did it, this spell caster was supposed to help me not hurt me

The psychic I used was from a webste called bid your way, they sell psychic readings and spell castings that is also how I found this website as well bid your way psychic don't work on here but I found a link to one of bid your way spell caster that does.

I got these witches to cast a curse removal spell for me and then the spell I wanted to have casted in the first place, I also got them to cast a protect spell for me so know more harm will come to me ever again.

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Melissa thank you so much for your input it was extremely insightful and I'm taking everything went well and smooth for you as well
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Your welcome and yes with their spell castings I got everything I could ever hope for.

Also here is bid your way website link just in case you want a real psychic reading

The psychic I used her user name is Jean Tarot but bid your way has many gifted psychics on their website, plus sometimes bid your way has links to websites that will give all new customers free psychic readings. you can see the links at the top of bid your way website.

I hope this information has helped you as well good luck.

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How do you know for sure if a curse has been placed on you? And what exactly will the curse do to you?

I've done a psychic reading from a psychic who claim to have powers before and she told me that someone has placed a curse spell on me fews years back. 

I am not sure if what she is saying is true or not, or maybe she is just trying to make some money off of me. However, sometime I do feel like someone (I don't know who) has placed a curse on me because I felt like nothing good have happen to me for about a decade now. 

When I told others (like my friends) about it, they think that I'm just being pessimistic and just blaming everything on luck because I feel nothing is going well for me.

Anyone have more thought on this? Or anyone has experience of a curse before? How can you tell if it's a curse spell that is causing all of this or is it just my life in general? 

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Sweetie Pie
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I am sorry for just now replying to this forum. We'll I how you can tell if you had been cursed is if you always seem to have had luck. Another way is if you know of a spell caster that has it in for you. In my cause I got another spell caster to cast  my spell and it wasn't a love spell that I had asked for but rather a curse spell.

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Amber Hall
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Yes someone that you know can place a curse on you. If you feel like there is a curse on you then you should buy their curse removal spell casting.

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