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I paid for the triple love spell to gain back my ex's love. So far im in the 2nd month and I saw some little results in the first half. At first, we were on bad terms and he wouldn't even speak to me, but right after the coven casted their spell, he suddenly apologized to me for treating me bad and was thinking about giving me a second chance. We didn't get back together but we were on better terms. But now another girl appeared in the picture and his friends are against me, so he just told me today that he officially doesn't want to be with me because he wants to do better in school and that we bring out the worse in each other. I wonder what this spell is trying to do? I believe that it's working because everytime I have the coven cast a spell, I can feel the positive energy after a few days, yet why is this spell suddenly turning on me? I wonder if it's bringing me to a climatic results when it's finished. Im very excited to see this play out till the end. I will blog again later if anything else happens.
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