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Hi all had two spells cast by the coven on june 1.One was a break up and the other a custom strength re unite with my ex. I have NO doubts that they will work ;-).Have had some strange experiences that I am not sure if are normal or if others have had the same. The past two weeks I have been having very vivid dreams of my ex,being with her again.Its strange as i had never dreamt of her and her kids before.even when we were together. Tonight in Sydney was a full moon (first since casting).It was weird.I was having a good night..not sad about her or thinking of her and suddenly had the strangest and strongest passion for her for about 20 mins..way intense..primal..not lust ..hard to explain but almost like i could feel her..has anyone felt that? It went quickly.weirdest thing was it started around the time she would usually go to sleep. My other question is about spirits..i met a person who "claims" they are a caster and invoke 'marine spirits'. What are they? The guy gives off a strange vibe.. thanks all.thank u to all the witches and i hope everyones spells/dreams come to pass
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While their spells manifest I have had some dreams and in my option it is normal and things did get worst before it got better.. Now everyhting is the way it should be. It has been awhile since the last time I was on this site that is why I didn't reply to this website forum until now. I am on here because I need help in another area and these gifted spell casters is the only people that can help me.

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