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Psychic Scams

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Psychic Scams:

On this page you will get a list of all of the psychic reading review scam websites.

We collect information from clients who had used them but we don't just go on their words alone, but we also do research on these so called psychic reading websites to keep others from losing their money.

Please Note:

If you had been scammed or know someone that had been and would like to add a psychic reading website to our list, please email us and we will do research on their psychic reading website and if we find that their psychic reading website is nothing but a scam we will add their website to our list of psychic reading scams.

1, Kasamba Reviews:

Kasamba also known as Liveperson this is a website that sells psychic readings as well as spell castings, we don't know how gifted their spell casters are all that we know is we had got a lot of bad feedback's from customers who had used Kasamba psychic reading services.

When we done research about their psychic readings we had found they got a lot more bad reviews then they have good Ones.

Kasamba URL is and

2. eBay Reviews:

eBay had done away with psychic readings and spell castings but some people are trying to sell psychic readings and spell castings on eBay anyways, eBay just isn't keeping track of their sellers and everyone who had paid for a psychic reading or spell casting on eBay said that their psychics and spell casters are fakes.

eBay website address

3. Etsy Reviews:.

Etsy is more known for selling home made goods but they do have sellers listing psychic readings and spell castings on their website and every customer that tried them out emailed us that all of their psychics and spell casters are nothing but a scam.

Etsy website address is