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Why Spells Aren't Free

Why changes for casting spells:

Many of you have asked us why charge for Casting Spells. We get a few emails every week it all boils down to "if you were a real Witch, you wouldn't charge for Casting Spells". We respectfully disagree - Witches have to eat, and live somewhere, the same as you.


A real Spell requires materials (many of which are rare and expensive), a suitable place to perform the Casting, and the time required to prepare for and perform this Casting. This does not take into consideration the constant studying we do to improve our Spells and create new ones. This is a full-time, 7-day per week job for all 20 of us here at

Here is a couple of more questions we get weekly,  if your spells really do work why don't you cast a spell to win the lottery? or to be able to have all of the tools needed for our spell castings without charging us?

Any real spell caster knows we can cast spells for others but a spell caster can't cast any spells for them to gain wealth love or anything else because of the 3 folds rules, any spell a spell caster cast to try to gain wealth love or anything else will come back on the spell caster 3 times harder.