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Spell Scams

Spell Scams

On this page you will get a list of all of the spell scam websites.

We collect information from clients who had used them but we don't just go on their words alone, but we also do research on these so called spell casting websites to keep others from losing their money.

Please Note:

If you had been scammed or know someone that had been and would like to add a spell casting website to our list, please email us and we will do research on their spell casting website and if we find that their spell casting website is nothing but a scam we will add their website to our list of spell casting scams.

1, Lucky Mojo Reviews:

We didn't get any bad reviews about Lucky Mojo paid spell castings but we did however got a few bad feedback's on their free spell casting services that they offer.

We done research on and most customers who had them to cast a free spell said that their spell castings never did work and when the customer emailed they told the customers if you want to see full results you will have to pay lucky mojo, witch this had made many people mad and made their clients feel that they are trying to draw them in so Lucky Mojo can scam them.

We only found 1 URL for Lucky Mojo

2, Ashra Spells Reviews:

Ashra is a spell caster that also does psychic readings, we don't no how gifted she is at giving readings we only know that we get a lot of emails about her spell casting services from very unsatisfied customers.

So we done research on and found that she got a lot of bad feedback's and only a few good reviews.

Ashra URL is

3, 7 Witches Coven Reviews:

7 witches coven had been scamming people for years and we got a lot of bad feedback's about their website from clients who had used their services.

When we done research on we had had found that all of 7 witches coven reviews was bad feedback's from their customers.

We had found so far that 7 witches coven has 2 URLS and

4, spellcasting by Morrigane Reviews:

With website we had only got a few bad reviews from clients who had tried Morrigane spell casting services out.

We done research about website and had found that Morrigane has got more bad feedback's then good feedback's.

Morrigane has got to many URLS to put in here but the one she gets the most traffic from is

5, eBay Reviews:

eBay had done away with psychic readings and spell castings but some people are trying to sell psychic readings and spell castings on eBay anyways, eBay just isn't keeping track of their sellers and everyone who had paid for a psychic reading or spell casting on eBay said that their psychics and spell casters are fakes.

eBay website address is

6, Etsy Reviews:

Etsy is more known for selling home made goods but they do have sellers listing psychic readings and spell castings on their website and every customer that tried Etsy out emailed us that all of their psychics and spell casters are nothing but a scam.

Etsy website address is

7, White Mountain Magick Reviews:

Here is a new spell casting scam she goes by the name Heather but her real name is Joanne Henshaw, she sells spells on Etsy as well as she has her own website.

The complaints that customers emailed us about Joanne Henshaw is that her spells never show any results, she hardly answers her emails, respond to spell request or orders.

Here is Joanne Henshaw website address and here is her Etsy website address to her shop

This isn't the first complaint that customers on Etsy told us about their psychics and spell casters this is just the first complaint that a customer had send us information about the bad customer service that they had on Etsy.